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y Terms and Condition y


Free to Bid is part of the MFE group of businesses.


By placing bids at Free to Bid.co.uk, you (participant, customer, user, bidder, visitor, auction winner) agree to enter an agreement with Free to Bid.co.uk and accept the following terms and conditions, which are subject to revision by Free to Bid.


Auction participants and Free to Bid.co.uk members must be at least 18 years of age, or of lawful age in the country of residence, whichever is older. Should you be a minor, you relinquish the right to purchase auction items/services for the winning price.

Each user may register only once using their postal address (registration using PO Boxes or equivalents is not permitted).
During the registration process, the user must choose a username. The username must not be offensive, be selected to deceive or mis-inform other users, may not offend common decency or infringe upon the rights of third parties. In the event that the user name is found to breach any of these terms Free to Bid will remove or amend.
User password is to be kept secret by the user. User accounts created during registration are non-transferable. The user account may be used only by the user and not by anyone else. Any abuse of the user account shall result in the disqualification of the user and the in general, the user shall be liable for all activities that are undertaken using the user account together with the associated password.

Free to Bid reserves the right to temporarily or permanently disqualify a user, or disable their account. Users will be disqualified when in the reasonable opinion of Free to Bid any of the following have been committed by the user:
  • Provide false or wrongful information.
  • Register more than one account.
  • Attempt to use Free to Bid.co.uk and its functionalities in any way that it is not meant to be used.
  • Violate Free to Bid's trademarks or copyrights.
  • Plant, distribute or use viruses, Trojan Horses, worms, spiders, or any other potentially harmful software.
Limits of Liability.
Free to Bid is not responsible for a customer's ability to participate, or if a customer is seriously hindered in any way which is beyond Free to Bid's control. This includes, without exceptions: erroneous, incomplete, terminated, delayed or in any other way lost information caused by your computer equipment, your computer program, or other technical equipment used to place your bids. Nor is Free to Bid responsible for technical inoperability of telephone service providers, equipment for telephone errors in the Internet, online systems, computer equipment of the ISP, failed or incomplete email functionality with Free to Bid, technical problems with your connection, high traffic load on the Internet or website, and/or a combination of the above-stated. This also applies to any damage or fault which can occur on your and/or someone else?s computer equipment, computer program and/or stored data as a result of participating in Free to Bid.co.uk. Free to Bid is not responsible for changes in legislation affecting the auction or how the auction is carried out in a state of war, natural disaster or if other similar occurrences should occur. The customer is expressingly aware of and consents to that Free to Bid is not liable for any direct or indirect damage, including delay of or inability to use the service, loss of income, goodwill, data or other economic loss due to: use of or inability to use the service; cost of acquiring replacement products or services due to products, services or information given through using the service; unauthorized use of or change of the service or the customer's data..

Free to Bid operates from 1000am till 2400 (Midnight) 7 days per week. Auctions will be completed as close to this time as possible. The number of auctions and time of finish will vary during this period. In the event that an auction has to be suspended from previous day it will be restarted with an additional 10 mins being added.
The same process will be used for any stoppage due to power failure etc also Free to Bid will be suspended until 1200 on the 11 day of the 11 Month as a mark of rememberance. 

How the Auctions Work

Free to Bid has created a system which is as close as possible to a live auction. With each bid placed  the price of the item on which the user is bidding increases by the amount specified, mostly 50p however on expensive items it can be anything from £1 to £5 per bid. A bid submitted by the user constitutes an offer from that user to freetobid.co.uk to enter into a binding contract to purchase the item at the winning price dispalyed on the auction and including any postage.
Hot deals are offers which we bring to all users at a FIXED PRICE this is clearly shown on the article, as they items are of such high discounts they are limited in quantity and will be sold on a first come first served basis. If more than one user is in the system making a purchase at the same time we will try to honor all purchase however in the event of limited stock we will inform the unsuccessful  user and refund any monies taken.
As in the case of a live auction when the bid reaches the last 10 seconds any bids will increase the time by 10 15 or 20 seconds. this enable other users to make a bid just as in a live auction. the exception to this is when users are using their Bid mates, if two bid at the same time this could increase the clock by twice the amount and so on.
The person who bids last when the clock reaches zero is the winner.
Users can bid in two ways online. Bids can be placed by clicking on the relevant bid buttons, or can be placed automatically by a bidmate. Full details are in the HELP section.

Please note not all bids may show on the auction as they could be placed simultaneously.

After an auction has ended, the last bidder (winner) must go to the My Free to Bid section. Here, information such as total price including delivery will be displayed. The user must actively confirm and pay the total price via paypal.
In the event that an auction win has not been confirmed and paid within 10 days of the auction end date, unless there are exceptional circumstances the auction will be cancelled and the item relisted. If this occurs more than once a user may be suspended from Free to Bid. The user must pay the total price when confirming the win. After confirming the win and paying the amount due, the winner will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Items are normally delivered 1-4 weeks after the invoice has been paid. In rare cases there may be delays from the product manufacturer that prevents Free to Bid from delivering the item to the winner within 4 weeks, and in these cases Free to Bid pledges to notify the customer of the delay and explain the circumstances.
Delivery charges on site refer solely to mainland UK, we can and will arrange delivery to highlands and islands however this will incur an additional charge.
We can also deliver to certain parts of Europe this will also incur higher postage charges, which curently is £2.50 to be added for all items.
Note rates of exchange are provided by PayPal and not Freetobid.
In the event that you require a delivery outwith mainland UK please e mail support@freetobid.co.uk.
Product Refunds.
An auction winner has the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days, provided that the product is unused and unopened. If the customer wishes to cancel the purchase of an auction item, the customer should contact customerservice@freetobid.co.uk and send the item a specific address. A full refund of the auction price paid will be made.
If you wish to return a product please contact customerservices@freetobid.co.uk. All postage will be met by the user unless prior agreement is reached with Free to Bid
Product Descriptions.
Free to Bid provides as accurate a description of items as is possible along with quality photographs.
The retail price quoted is examples seen by Free to Bid and may vary from other sellers.
Newsletters and Offers.
Free to Bid may on occassion send information about its services and offers to customers who have placed bids, registered to receive the newsletter, or opened an account at Free to Bid.co.uk.
If for any reason you do not wish to receive this information please notify customerservices@freetobid.co.uk.

Free to Bid.co.uk reserves the right to modify the above-stated conditions at any time.has the right to assume that all successful winners have accepted the changes to the terms and conditions unless notified to the contrary with 7 working days by the user of the items).
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